Healthy mind = Healthy body

In a span of one hour, I saw commercials on a major TV network for prescription drugs to treat all sorts of maladies like stress, anxiety, asthma, allergies, migraines, obesity, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, depression and the common cold.  We’re constantly being told to “ask your doctor about this medicine” to treat ‘whatever’….  And we, in our modern society seem to buy into these coercions by going straight to our doctors for that magic prescription.  We want the quick fix for the slightest discomfort, but when we go for the quick fixes, we don’t always get to the bottom of the real problem.

I’m sure we can all agree that there is a huge problem with prescription and illicit drug abuse in America.  Doctors have helped the prescription drug problem along, as has been reported on countless occasions, with the latest situation resulting in the death of a major celebrity a few years back. But, by no means can we place all the blame on the medical profession.  We have free will to choose for ourselves and our loved ones. 

With such easy access to all sorts of medicines , you don’t necessarily even have to see a doctor, but can self-medicate based on symptoms perceived and promises made by drug manufacturers. And let’s face it, everywhere on the worldwide web, and most places we visit, there is advertising for, and someone looking to sell, medications to cover anything, big or small that we may think is wrong with us.  I get emails on a daily basis from all sorts of  online ‘pharmacies’, offering prescription drugs for any of the conditions I mentioned earlier and more.

There are natural solutions  to relieve many of the conditions mentioned above that are worth exploring. I’m no medical professional, but I know what I know, and what I have learned is that maintaining a healthy mind is half the battle towards keeping a healthy body. If you start with facing your own realities, you  can then take the right steps towards mind, body and spirit bliss.

Take stress, for example. A little stress is good for the soul, but too much stress, resulting from not dealing with the cause, is not good and can manifest in the form of countless physical and mental symptoms.  With the common cold, your immune system is compromised and your body is telling you to rest, so it knocks you down with coughs, fever, sore throat and more – to make you feel miserable enough to slow down.  We all know that obesity is a huge epidemic – eating too much of the wrong foods. In some cases, doctors believe the obesity problem is much deeper and less physical than perceived hunger. What all these conditions have in common is that they can wreak havoc on the body, mind and spirit.

You can go for the quick fix in the form of prescription medicine or mind-altering substances for temporary relief and convince yourself that all is well. Or you can start by dealing with what’s wrong inside to bring it out and cast it away once and for all.  In a nutshell, take charge of your spiritual well-being in order to help your physical self.

Oprah talks a lot about the little voice in our heads that guides us along on our life’s path. We all have it but have to learn to listen to it. And you don’t need to go it alone.  Another person’s perspective can, in many ways be the catalyst for your taking action as opposed to doing nothing at all. So, take charge and share your pain!


About naturesnest

Julie is married to Michael and has a son named Daren. Born and raised in Chicago, Julie now lives in Florida. After graduating from Lindblom Tech high school, she attended Illinois State University and graduated there in 1980 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Public Relations. Julie is passionate about life and is a firm believer in not only taking care of our physical bodies, but also in feeding our minds and nurturing our spirits in order to maintain a holistic balance in life. With this philosphy in mind, she went on to attend the Raworth Centre for Natural Therapies and Sports Medicine in Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom. In doing so, she qualified as an Holistic Aromatherapist in 1994. Living in three different countries over the last twenty years gave Julie the opportunity to have touched and been touched by a myriad of fascinating and inspiring people. She was able to spend several years in the hospitality industry and has a lifelong passion for working with and helping others. Julie enjoys networking with other dynamic people and doing her part in trying to make a positive difference in the moment, day or life of people she has the privilege of encountering.
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